Peace of mind for our clients is essential to our business, and is at the pulse of each project we have an opportunity to bring to life. Our owner’s representative services are designed to serve an owner’s best interests during the planning, design, and construction phases of each project.  Acting on behalf of the owner is by no means a substitute for an architect, contractor or legal counsel, however, we assume ownership of the work on behalf of the client, and manage the day-to-day details of the project while the owner retains all final decision making authority. 

With our extensive background in general contracting and construction management, Rinehardt | Miller is uniquely positioned to act as an agent of the owner, managing all aspects of the work, and ultimately preventing costly construction errors and post-construction issues.  From conception to completion, Rinehardt | Miller acts as facilitator and mediator, communicating our client’s desires - ultimately saving them valuable time, avoidable expenses, and unnecessary frustration.

Project scopes include but are not limited to:

Definition and planning

Preliminary scheduling and budget estimates

Selection of design / construction professionals

Review of contract documents throughout design stages

Oversight of contractors during construction

Site visits to maintain schedules and progress

Review change orders and applications for payments