Longtime friends, Leslie Rinehardt and Marvin Miller, opened the doors to Rinehardt | Miller & Co., Inc. in the spring of 2004.  After a long tenure working with one of New York’s premier boutique construction management and interior design firms, they decided that their collective experience and expertise of more than 27 years, would serve them well in their own business.  Their enjoyment of transforming spaces, along with their passion for design, was all they needed to succeed.

Over the past several years, Rinehardt | Miller has grown to become a thriving construction management and design firm offering it’s services to developers and discerning clientele throughout the New York metropolitan area and abroad.  From partial renovations to new constructions, Rinehardt | Miller has composed a vast body of work that reflects their classic style.

The team at Rinehardt|Miller prides itself on building lasting relationships and providing clients with personal service tailored to their specific needs and desires. With each undertaking, Rinehardt | Miller delivers integrity in all details, absolute discretion, and most importantly - peace of mind.

 “It has proven to be a successful formula for us.  We strongly believe in building trust with each client because we realize that they are not only allowing us in to their homes, but in most cases, into their lives – and we are fully committed to delivering excellence.”  

The Mission:

Our mission is simple – truth and connection in every design.

At Rinehardt | Miller, we strive to breathe a soul into every space… by prioritizing our client's voice above our own - an essential step in providing a holistic and uniquely transformative design experience.      


Leslie Rinehardt is also the Director of the Gold Coast Regional Chamber of Commerce